Charter Members

  • Mrs. Sarah Judd
  • Mrs. Mary Stewart Northrop
  • Mrs. Mary Hubbard Bunce
  • Mrs. Louise McCoy North
  • Mrs. Helen Hubbard Weeks
  • Miss Susan Carrington Clark
  • Miss Ester M. Northrop
  • Mrs. Kate L. Camp Elmer
  • Miss Margaret-Sill Hubbard
  • Mrs. Anna S. Camp Sneath
  • Miss Jessie Ward
  • Mrs. Mary Root Wilcox

Our Real Daughters

These are members of Wadsworth who are actual daughters (first generation) of men who served in the American Revolution.

  • Abigail Foote Loomis
    Daughter of Nathanial Foote, Private, Patriotic Service
  • Emilia Adaline Clark Watrous
    Daughter of David Clark, Private
  • Laura Ann Markham Skinner
    Daughter of John Markham, Orderly Sergeant
  • Mary Jane Deming
    Daughter of Edmund Deming, Private
  • Mary McLean Wyllys
    Daughter of James McLean, Private